McClain Consulting has extensive experience delivering professional services in a wide range of real estate markets throughout the United States. With a versatile approach honed by experience through diverse market evaluations, we offer comprehensive assessments tailored to the specific needs of each property and market segment. Providing a team of experienced specialists and a detailed evaluation process, we provide clients with useful insights into property condition, market trends, and investment potential, enabling informed decision-making and maximizing value across a wide range of real estate assets. Whether navigating residential, commercial, or industrial markets, McClain Consulting is committed to listening to our clients and delivering customized reports with actionable recommendations that empower clients to achieve their strategic objectives and thrive in dynamic market environments.


McClain Consulting has evaluated hundreds of multi-family, student, and senior residential properties throughout the U.S. over the past few years. We typically review each property with a team of specialists and observe the majority of the dwelling units in order to thoroughly identify any significant deficiencies and to establish a budget for future maintenance and replacement of building and site components. Our reports enable our clients to make more informed decisions while purchasing, managing, or lending on a residential asset.

self storage

McClain Consulting brings extensive experience in evaluating self-storage facilities across diverse locations throughout the U.S. Typically performed in multi-site portfolios, our thorough property condition assessments are conducted by specialized engineering and architectural teams. Our evaluations pinpoint critical life safety deficiencies and provide detailed budgetary insights for future maintenance and upgrades, empowering clients to optimize their investment strategies and operational efficiency in the storage sector.

industrial | warehouse

Through the years, McClain Consulting has gained extensive experience in providing customized evaluations of industrial and warehouse properties, offering tailored assessments that cater to the unique requirements of investors and owners of industrial assets. Through detailed analyses of facility condition, logistics efficiency, and market dynamics, our reports provide actionable insights to optimize asset performance, streamline operations, and drive value in the competitive industrial real estate market.


With a track record of evaluating numerous hospitality establishments nationwide, McClain Consulting delivers comprehensive analyses tailored to the unique needs of each client and the unique features of each property. Through property inspections and financial assessments, our reports equip clients with useful insights to enhance guest experiences, improve operational effectiveness, and maximize returns in the competitive hospitality industry.


McClain Consulting excels in evaluating mixed-use developments, leveraging our multidisciplinary approach to assess diverse components including residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Our detailed analyses and strategic recommendations enable clients to unlock the full potential of their mixed-use properties, fostering vibrant communities and driving sustainable growth in dynamic urban environments.


With a wealth of experience in evaluating retail properties nationwide, McClain Consulting offers comprehensive assessments tailored to the evolving needs of the retail sector. By examining key aspects such as tenant mix, vacancy issues, and facility condition, our reports empower clients to make informed decisions, optimize leasing strategies, and enhance the value of their retail assets in a rapidly changing market landscape.


McClain Consulting is a trusted partner for evaluating office properties, providing insightful analyses that address the unique challenges and opportunities of the commercial real estate sector. Through detailed property inspections and financial assessments, our reports offer valuable insights to support strategic decision-making, optimize space utilization, and enhance the overall performance of office assets in markets throughout the U.S.


With expertise in evaluating healthcare facilities nationwide, McClain Consulting delivers comprehensive assessments tailored to the specialized needs of the healthcare sector. From examining facility infrastructure to assessing compliance with various regulations and standards, our reports provide important insights to support effective facility management, ensure patient safety, and optimize operational efficiency in the healthcare asset landscape.


Leveraging our expertise in evaluating entertainment venues, McClain Consulting delivers property condition assessments that address the complex needs of the leisure and entertainment industry. From analyzing facility infrastructure and life safety issues to evaluating guest experiences, our customized reports offer insights to support strategic decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, and drive investor growth in the entertainment sector.