One of the most exciting aspects of the past year has been the increasing quantity of portfolio work we’ve been involved in.  From student housing complexes in AZ, CA and IL, and a group of large shopping centers in Las Vegas to dozens of retail stores throughout Texas, during the past year we were awarded more portfolios than any other year I can remember.  We had a lot of fun, met every deadline and exceeded the expectations of our clients.

I love portfolio work – it’s high profile, fast turnaround work with (when managed correctly) huge economies of scale which can only be successfully accomplished by a talented, organized team of quality staff members.

Prior to working with larger consulting firms, I always assumed that the larger companies would and should perform most of the portfolio work given their available manpower.  Then I worked for a few of the larger three-acronym due diligence companies and realized that while those larger companies may have more employees, they typically just use a small team to perform work on portfolios.  While the marketing staff will tout the hundreds or thousands of employees employed by the consulting company, larger firms simply use a small group of well-trained staff led by a good project manager to perform the portfolio work.

That’s exactly what we do:  depending upon the specifics (regions involved, service lines required, number of facilities, timeframe, etc.) of the particular portfolio the fun part is putting all the appropriate project pieces in place to do a great job and give the client exactly what they need to make their decisions.

I look forward to another year full of portfolios and satisfied clients!