Each facility assessment project is a new game.  I love that each project presents its own set of challenges and opportunities for learning.

I love that the general project management framework – pre-project preparation, site visit and report writing – is the same for nearly every project but the details and process of each project are unique.

I love that those unique differences are sometimes obvious and other times subtle.

Schedules and deadlines inspire me.  The challenge of portfolios where we have a short amount of time to complete many reports well is exciting.  Long-duration projects where the game is to stay focused and purposeful for extended periods are an interesting change of pace.  I especially love when our clients call us at the last minute saying a report should have been ordered last week but has slipped through the cracks and they need help.  They tell us we’re the only consultant they know who can mobilize quickly and get them what they need in a day or two.

Our reports are works of art.  I enjoy the combination of creativity and specificity required in developing comprehensive recommendations and cost estimates for a PCA report.  I love the challenge of interpreting the historic data or contamination and how it will affect our client’s property during an environmental assessment.  The balancing of art and science when we’re preparing a seismic assessment report is fascinating.

The people I work with are the best part.  I truly enjoy working with our staff and clients.  Our staff members throughout the country take great care in doing a fantastic job for our clients.  Our clients are people I like and respect, and they often express appreciation for what we provide.  I couldn’t ask for anything more in a career