One of the most enjoyable aspects of our business is customizing report formats for clients.  This can be one of the more creative and artistic areas of our business.

I love finding out exactly what the client wants and needs, and then crafting report formatting and content that addresses this.  We typically do this for new clients when we first start working with them.  At other times we do this for existing clients whose priorities have changed and our reports need to reflect those changes.

For the most part, each company’s report will at least touch on the standard components of each building and site system, and typically in conformance with the ASTM standards.  Upon further reading, you can tell which companies are going through the motions and utilizing standard templates written by inexperienced field staff and which companies have experienced staff crafting property-specific reports.

What standard, if any, was followed?  Are the findings summarized clearly?  Are deficiencies clearly articulated?  Is superfluous discussion presented?

The art of telling the story of the site and buildings – but not getting bogged down by the minutia – is as much an art as a science.