In 2011 we started working with Portland Energy Conservation Inc. (PECI) developing methodologies for building operations surveys and energy audits. PECI – – is a non-profit group that has focused on energy efficiency issues since 1981. Recently they received a grant from the California Energy Commission to conduct a pilot program developing energy assessment procedures to be performed in conjunction with a standard Property Condition Assessment.

The program consists of a “toolkit” – a collection of documents they’ve put together as a review of the building systems so that they can monitor energy usage and develop plans for improving energy efficiency.
This month PECI asked McClain Consulting Services to audit their toolkit and provide feedback on their program and methods.

Often as a company, there are times when we partner with other experts to make our reports as accurate and complete as possible. Because of the nature of our field, it’s imperative that we sometimes defer to others who have a more specialized knowledge and utilize that expertise to provide our clients with the most complete and precise report possible. In this situation, PECI wanted us to be their expert, and MCSI was all too happy to help. We also thought it was a great opportunity for us as a company to do our part to help save the planet, one building at a time!

MCSI is honored that Portland Energy Conservation Inc. asked us to assist them with this project. We hope that our expertise and insight can help PECI improve the systems and procedures of the building industry, reducing the carbon footprint of facilities and help make the world a little greener.